School Principal thanks staff for ‘extraordinary’ efforts during pandemic

A Bradford school principal is thanking staff for their extraordinary efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dan Styles, Principal at Tong Leadership Academy, thanked staff who he said were ‘working harder than ever’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the first day of lockdown and the closure of schools to the majority of pupils, staff ensured pupils were able to continue their learning at home by teaching lessons online.

Pastoral and support staff also offered emotional support to pupils and their families in isolation by making regular calls to check on their wellbeing throughout lockdown.

Dan Styles said: “I am incredibly proud of our school and the wonderful community we are all so very lucky to be part of.

“The strength of support offered by our teachers to our pupils has never been more apparent since the outbreak of COVID-19, the subsequent lockdown and our eventual return to school.

Caring staff helped care for members of the community by delivering food parcels

“Our teachers began teaching live, online lessons to pupils immediately and also called families every single week to stay in touch and offer support.

“The incredible efforts of our staff meant that nobody in our community was left behind and that everyone was cared for.

“When we learned of the difficulties people were facing in our wider community as a result of the pandemic, our caring staff even began to gather donations for food and hygiene parcels to help alleviate this suffering.

“I am very grateful to everyone who has helped to support all our efforts throughout the pandemic.“