Highfield extends welcome to primary pupils during pandemic

Kind-hearted pupils and staff at Highfield Leadership Academy are reaching out to future pupils to offer support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Staff and pupils at the South Shore school have devised a special ‘Keeping in Touch’ programme to help current Year 6 pupils who will be joining the school in September to feel cared for during the important transition period.

Pupils and staff sent small, thoughtful gestures to current Year 6 primary pupils to help welcome them to the school. They made pots filled with treats, stationery and relaxation aids and also sent wellbeing postcards with messages from existing pupils.

Staff and pupils at the school have also been establishing contact by sending video ‘snippets’ which give brief subject overviews to pupils. The Head of Year 7 also hosts a weekly ‘Snippet Session’ to answer questions or concerns from the primary pupils.

Andrew Galbraith, Principal of Highfield Leadership Academy, said: “I am incredibly proud of the efforts made by our pupils and staff and the care they have shown to these Year 6 pupils.

“Our school has a thriving sense of community and this project demonstrates our commitment to prospective pupils.

“We want everyone to feel welcome and lessen any sense of anxiety that these pupils might be feeling during these challenging times.

“We would encourage any prospective pupil who would like to talk about their move to secondary school to get in touch.”

The project is part of the Bill’s Be Your Best campaign which was established to create a culture of kindness and respect in the school.

The ‘Keeping in Touch’ campaign is just one of several initiatives that has been launched by Star Academies and its schools to help those facing difficulties in our local communities and to support parents and carers throughout the country.

A home learning helpline, StarLine, has been launched to help give practical education advice to parents and carers and a YouTube broadcast StarLive is broadcast weekly to help parents as they educate their children at home. For more information about Star Academies’ appeal and the charity pledges it has made to its pupils, parents, staff and school communities, please visit www.starcoronavirusappeal.org.